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I’ve been very fortunate to have had great mentors throughout my academic and professional career. And I am well aware of the significant impact these individuals have had on getting me to where I am today.

Having worked in the industry for over half a decade now – from machine learning engineer to solutions architect, data engineer, or data scientist… – I have worn many hats while helping teams and companies deliver value-driven solutions to predictive analytics and data science problems. Currently, I’m working with Nike as a Machine Learning Engineer, where I develop, evaluate, and improve statistical models for long-term forecasting and demand sensing of Nike’s future consumer demand.

I believe I’m well-equipped to help you navigate the challenges of a new job, understand the technical and non-technical aspects of a new role, help you achieve your goals, provide you with relevant feedback in critical areas, and help you grow as a good all-around professional. Be it in the form of casual chats, or more structured mentoring sessions, I would be happy to help you out.

If you have a specific question or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me an e-mail or connect on LinkedIn. For more structured mentoring sessions, I recommend you check out my MentorCruise profile. Here, you will be able to book a session with me for things like CV reviews, interview prep, code reviews, and more.